Thursday, December 4, 2014

Vocabulary Shake Up

Vocabulary Shake Up

Because my college students fail to study vocabulary, even for a test, I created a new game called Vocabulary Shake Up. It is a set of four game boards specifically designed to practice vocabulary in any discipline. Two of the game boards are for six different words and the other two are designed to practice 12 words. The games can be used to review, study, and practice previous learned vocabulary or even to introduce and use new vocabulary. All games are designed for two players.

Each game board is divided into six sections. From a word list chosen by the teacher, each player chooses six different vocabulary words. In each box, the students write one word, putting a different word in each box. The players take turns rolling the die and following the directions given in each section of the game board. Complete directions are listed on each game board.Check it out!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Improve Student Writing With Mentor Text Journals

Monday, December 1, 2014

Bake Sale: Silent E Freebies!

Happy Monday!

This is Jen from Positively Learning

Positively Learning

I'm stopping by to share what my students will be up to as we return from the long Thanksgiving break. We just finished testing our reading levels and then switched around our Power Hour (Guided Reading) based on the results (every single student grew, YES!). 

Today is our first day of our new groups.

Our entire grade level wrapped up practice with Silent E spellings before break. I'll be working with the lowest reading group, so we will be spending our whole group mini-lesson (first 10 minutes of Guided Reading before we split into our groups) reviewing our skills.

 I can't wait to break out this yummy freebie for review (and fun!):

Positively Learning

Please stop by my store to pick up this freebie!

Have a super week :)


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Using Divisibility Rules

Divisibility Rules
Something to Think About:  Since many students do not know their multiplication tables, reducing fractions is almost an impossible task. The divisibility rules, if learned and understood, can be an excellent math tool. The resource,Using Digital Root to Reduce Fractions, contains four easy to understand divisibility rules as well as the digital root rules for 3, 6, and 9. A clarification of what digital root is and how to find it is explained. Also contained in the resource is a dividing check off list for the student. Download the preview to view the first divisibility rule plus three samples from the student check off list.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Close Reading Task Cards

The objectives of reading instruction include getting students to apply reading strategies, getting them to closely read text, and getting them to defend their answers with text evidence.

These task cards help students do each of the things.  A special annotated key is included for every task card.  It shows the highlighted key ideas that students should identify in the text to defend their answers. Annotations are included to explain why each detail is important and how each one supports the answer to the close reading question.  A full written response is also included.

To access this document Click Here (4th-7th Grade Reading Level)

To access the differentiated K-3rd grade version of the document which has highlighted details, Click Here

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Solve a Math Problem in Different Ways

Learning how to solve a math problem in different ways has many benefits.
1.  It helps students understand the underlying principles of a math topic.
2.  It leads students to think about which approach is the fastest or most efficient way to solve a math problem.
3.  It also leads students to understand that math questions can be posed in a variety of ways just like math problems can be solved in a variety of ways.

Let us begin with the third benefit.  Some students can solve a math problem when it is presented in one way.  When the same idea is presented in a different way, they are completely lost.  Not only would this be a nightmare on the day of state assessments, this misunderstanding undermines the entire point of a math lesson.

This chart shows the different ways that multiplication can be presented.  Many students just know of multiplication as being represented as "groups".  Each example shows multiplication in a different context.   It is important for students to understand the different ways that a math topic can be presented.  It is also just as important for students to know that a math problem can be solve in a number of ways.

I can remember walking past a student that had not memorized his multiplication facts. He drew tiny circles on the corner of his paper to find the answer to a math problem. This leads to point two on our list.  Using multiple approaches to solve a math problem helps students determine which one is the most efficient as well as fastest.    There is a place for drawing tiny circles to determine the answer to a problem.  Using this method is not the most efficient because it takes so much time.  Showing how to solve the same math problem in multiple ways helps the student determine the best approach to solve a math problem.

 Use the four box or two box approach.  The math problem is written in the center of the page.  The larger box can be divided into two or four parts.  Each part can show a different way to solve the math problem. 

To Access Math Task Cards That Teach And Review A Variety Of Math Concepts Click Here and Scroll Down

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pin the Feather on a Turkey {Freebie Center!}

Hi!  I'm Rachael from the Classroom Game Nook.
Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks from today?  Holy cow!  If you're looking for some fun ways to incorporate the holiday theme into your centers - then I've got the perfect solution!
It's easy - there are four different sets of feathers and turkeys.  Students "pin" the correct feather to the correct turkey.
Easy for you, fun for the kiddos!

You can download this freebie game by clicking on either or the pictures above!

Classroom Game Nook

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