Monday, July 17, 2017

Poetry Center Free Poem and Task Cards

Hi there!
I recently have created poetry units for the entire year! My class loved them last year! I also made free task cards and drawer labels that you can display all year to go with each poem.

Each poem is only $1.50 each and comes with the following activities:
• Poem
• Missing words page
• Poetry response/making connections page
• Poem puzzle for pocket chart
• Memory game with rhyming words
• Word search
• Re-Write the Poem page-this is a generic page that can be used with any of my poems, that way you don’t have to copy a new page each week!
• Glue the poem in order page-you can either have them glue these in a journal, on a plain piece of paper. I have mine glue it to the back of the word search so they don’t waste paper. 
• If the students finish all of these activities in a given week, they have the option or re-reading previous poems or buddy reading!

Here is a free example of a weekly poem:

If you like what you see you can download a year's worth of poems and activities for only $30.00!!!

I'm working on a blog post to explain more in detail how I use these weekly poems in my Poetry/partner reading center. You can check it out here :-)

Thursday, July 6, 2017

10 Passages Per Guided Reading Level

Guided Reading Nonfiction Passages Level A Guided Reading Nonfiction Passages Level B Guided Reading Nonfiction Passages Level C
Bundles of reading passages are now here. Access bundles of leveled passages for your students.  Each bundle contains 10 passages at the same one level.  Click a link to access the bundles.
Click Here For Guided Reading Level A
Click Here For Guided Reading Level B
Click Here For Guided Reading Level C 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Short Vowel, CVC, and CVCC Word Work

Reading instruction will be even more fun with these phonics resources.  

Just print and use.  Picture and word cards are included with the word sorts for convenient differentiation.  The Word Work contains 25 pages of fun activities to build phonics skills too.  Access both today.


The Benefits of Task Cards

Meet the needs of students at different reading levels, monitor student progress, and cover Daily 5 tasks for guided reading.  Best of all, do all of this with no stress!

Try these leveled task cards for free.  They are the first task cards to be organized by guided reading levels.  Why is this important? This is a great way to match readers to resources that they need for extended practice.

Even more, the free task cards come with a printable box for storage.  This makes it so much easier to store task cards.  Place a printable box in a literacy center station. Send home a box with a student that needs extra practice.

(Inferences, Retell, Main Idea, Cause & Effect and More Skills Are Available Across the Levels)

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Locating Text Evidence Task Cards for Inferences and Main Idea


Do you have students that need help with going back to the text to find evidence to support their answers?

This new series is here to help.  Each sentence is numbered.  Students locate the sentence(s) that support their ideas.  Next, they answer each question.  Answer keys and student recording forms are also included.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Sight Word Stories

Do you have beginning readers?  They will love reading these sight word stories.  Each passage includes visual cues to help readers.  Students can learn new sight words as they learn how to locate details from a reading passage to support their answers.  Nine reading passages are included.

Add caption
By Literacy and Math Ideas' second store (Maple Math and Reading)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Retell Task Cards (Leveled)

These are the first ever task cards that are organized by guided reading levels.  They are designed to make Daily 5 guided reading instruction so much easier.

There are so many things to do as an educator.  One must meet the needs of students at multiple ability levels, teach a variety of skills, and keep track of progress. This series is such a time saver.  It makes it so much easier to review skills and provided leveled guided reading practice.  Leveled task cards, progress charts, student recording forms, answer keys and printable boxes are all included!

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