Sunday, August 31, 2014

Double-Dice Freebies!

Happy Sunday!

This is Jen from Positively Learning

As we get to know our students' strengths and areas of growth these first few weeks of school, you may need some engaging learning tools to use for pre-assessment OR those early finishers :)

Here's a throwback post full of freebies and ideas using one of my all-time fave math tools (and my students!)

Double Dice & Freebies!

Happy Manic Monday!
I report back to school THIS Wednesday!!!
Very mixed emotions...excited to get back to a routine, wear my new outfits,  & can't wait to meet the new teachers, but I'm not ready yet! I still haven't bonded with my Silhouette as much as I wanted, never added custom categories to my TPT store, haven't switched all my freebies from Scribd to Google docs... I still have a lot of projects left! Yikes, anyone else feel the same way?
Before I rush off to tackle my to-do list, I wanted to link up withClassroom Freebies to share a Manic Monday freebie I'm REALLY excited about:
I finally bought a set of Dice in Dice! I  them!
My students have always enjoyed using dice...I've snuck in some pretty tricky math concepts because I used them! Sadly,  last year I had a student who became obsessed with them. It started off fine, but by November we had to put the dice away. Note to self: share this with his new 2nd grade teacher.
Do you think I need more?!
I actually have more, tons more...during reorganization this summer, I added dice to my math centers and purchased an entire set of those mini containers to store 2 dice. I learned that from Pinterest :)
Please click here to download your own set of Dice in Dice recording pages. I printed them on colored paper & inserted them into plastic sleeves to use with a dry erase marker.
If you don't have "dice in dice," you can just roll 2 separate die.
Don't forget to visit CF for more freebies!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
Thanks for reading! Have a super weekend :)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Center Saturday

Hey Center fans...
this is
from a little 'ol blog called
 I am here to share with you my weekly post called

Here is a peek at my this week's centers...
 Click on any of the pics above or {here} to head over to read and 
see all about my weekly work centers.

Thinking and Writing with Pictures FUN FREEBIE

If you could have been a fly on the wall...

Hello from Jayne at Smart Kids.
Yesterday I put this thinking prompt on the screen for my smart kinders. 

Ooooh! Ahhhh! The critical, creative and precious thinking of my kiddos.

Who is the owner of these shoes?

Pete the Cat! He already stepped in lots of things.

Pete the Cat's brothers and sisters. There are different sizes of shoes.

They belong to a farmer. That looks like the things in a barn. The stalls.

They are in Africa. Some people in Africa don't have shoes, so these are out so that people can come choose their shoes to match their shirts.

The shoes are in New York City. They are at a market. You can buy them. They don't have matches. See the price tag?

Clowns. Clowns wear them in a circus.

Now it's your turn to try this out with your kids. Go get your freebie.

Wouldn't these be awesome in a writing center? So much good conversation! The possibilities of great writing!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Math Centers

Hiya there peepers

Shuna from Pocket Full of Kinders here

Come on over to my blog to check out some super easy and fun math centers

Peace Out Peeps

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Inference Close Reading Task Cards (Differentiated)

Students highlight, underline, or circle details that help them infer the answer directly on the task cards.  I really wanted a way to reinforce close reading and inference skills when students work independently at my literacy center station.  The fact that students identify the text clues directly on the task card and write a written response on the card too is really helpful.  Students become more aware of their own strategy use.  This gives me more information as an educator so that I can help students learn about inferences.  I can match their annotations and responses to the special answer key, wipe, and reuse the cards.  This has made teaching close reading skills and inferences much easier.Click Here To Access Them

Preparing a Center Chart from Sharing Kindergarten

Hello Lovely Center Fans!
This is 
 from a little old blog called

Very week, I post my center ideas for you to read about and 
hopefully to INSPIRE you to create fun and  
meaningful centers in your classroom.

I call these weekly posts...

This week, I am sharing how I make my Center Chart
 and Durable Clips...
and I even give you a peek into the two work centers we did this week.

So head over to Sharing Kindergarten now to read all about it.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mathematics language can either be a dead language, a foreign language, a confusing language or a familiar, useful language.  Many time, students are frustrated by mathematical language because they are never formally taught or introduced to it.  For example, many teachers will have children sit on the circle when in fact, the children are sitting on the circumference of the circle.  What a wonderful, concrete way to introduce children to the concept of circumference!  Yet, this teaching moment is often missed.

Plane Geometry + Number Tiles
Because I like to find different ways to introduce math vocabulary, I just posted my newest product for Teachers Pay Teachers entitled: Geometric Math-A-Magical Puzzles.  It is a 48 page handout of puzzles that are solved like magic squares. Number tiles are positioned so that the total of the tiles on each line of the geometric shape add up to be the same sum. Most of the geometric puzzles have more than one answer; so, students are challenged to find a variety of solutions.

Before each set of activities, the geometry vocabulary used for that group of activities is listed. Most definitions include diagrams and/or illustrations. In this way, the students can learn and understand new math words without difficulty or cumbersome words. These activities vary in levels of difficulty. Because the pages are not arranged in any particular order, the students are free to skip around in the book. All of these activities are especially suitable for the visual and/or kinesthetic learner. Check it out!

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