Thursday, October 27, 2016

Free Differentiated Readers

Doesn't the year fly by fast?  We have already changed seasons.  The change of seasons brings with it a change of weather and a freebie!  

Yes, it is time for a freebie!  Included are differentiated nonfiction booklets.  There are three levels of passages.Click Here To Access Them

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Short Vowel Sound Word Family Comprehension Passages (35 Passages)

If you are looking for convenient resources to assist with meeting the needs of your students, then you will find this resource helpful.  This document contains 35 different worksheets that review short vowel word families.  Just print and use.  This is a convenient addition to classroom lessons.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Grade 3 Freebie (10 Free Reading Passages With Progress Checklists)

I hope your school year has been fantastic so far.  I bring greetings and a freebie.  Access these 10 free passages.  It is part of my full year of daily reading practice.  An answer key and progress charts are also included. This is a quick and easy way to review reading skills and reading strategies in just a few minutes each day.  Fiction and nonfiction topics are both included.
Click Here To Access This Free Resource

Monday, August 29, 2016

Algebra 1 - Classifying Numbers

This is truly a treasure of a product. Being able to fully classify a number is very important to grasping pre-Algebra and Algebra 1. 

Now it's one thing to know that a number is a "whole number", but in this product students will fully identify what other sets the particular number is a part of.

 Classifying Numbers Worksheets!

The number sets included in this product for students to identify include:

  • Natural Numbers
  • Whole Numbers
  • Integers
  • Rational Numbers
  • Irrational Numbers
  • Transcendental Numbers
  • Algebraic Numbers
  • Positive Numbers
  • Negative Numbers
  • Real Numbers

Students will learn as well as have fun identifying and eliminating the appropriate numbers sets from the worksheets.

Here's how to use this product:

Print out the included full-page colorful “Number Classification Guide” for each student, and allow them to study it and it as a guide to help classify the numbers in the worksheets. Note that these worksheets can be administered more than once. Therefore, as a challenge have students classify the numbers again without using the guide!

Use the included answer key to check the answers.

Download the product here!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Daily Math Practice Grade 1

If you are looking for daily math practice for first grade, then you will find this resource very helpful. (Follow the link to access more months of practice)

Additional grade levels and weeks will be released.  This document provides thorough and daily practice.  It is designed to help students fully understand concepts.  It also covers background concepts to fill in math knowledge gaps.  Many the the days include visual diagrams.  This makes it great for a variety of learning styles.

Grade 4 Freebie (10 Free Daily Reading Comprehension Passages With Progress Checklists)

Brand new--Just Released---This resource and freebie will be available at other grade levels soon.

Benefits Of This Resource
Review comprehension skills and reading strategies in just a few minutes each day. Students cover social studies, science, and reading topics as they keep their reading strategy use sharp.

Inferences, main idea, vocabulary, character analysis, literary devices, details, themes, and more are covered.

Nonfiction, poetry, realistic fiction, plays, and more genres are covered in the full document. Try these ten passages for free. Comprehension questions are included with each passage.  Answer keys and progress checklists are also included at the end of each week.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How to Handle Students That Push Buttons

If you are reading this article right now, then you have a student, students, or even a class that knows how to push your buttons.  

Before you make for final decision to leave teaching altogether and embark in a career as a professional circus tightrope walker, read this article.  This article will provide helpful classroom tips that will help you make it through the rest of the year.

1.  Don't Take It Personal

This first tip might seem hard, but it is so true. Many students are well meaning.  After a long day, a pile of things to do, and deadlines, it might feel as though a student is targeting you directly.  By reminding yourself that it is not personal, it will be much easier to forget about a bad school encounter when you get home.

2.  Establish Relationships
Celebrating successes and having brief chitchats will let a student know that you are redirecting a behavior but have genuine care and concern about the student's school success.  At the beginning of the school year, I like to call parents just to introduce myself and let them know something good that I have observed.  Having students fill out a sheet that lists hobbies and interests also helps.  These conversations are great bridge builders.  If there is a problem later on, a parent and child will know that you come from a genuine place of concern.

3.  Have Check-Ins
Sidestepping bad behavior before it happens is helpful.  I use behavior plans with students that have repetitive disruptive behaviors.  A student can do a progress check every hour, in the mornings or afternoons or  just once a day.  This helps students become more self-aware.  This also make it easier to identify any triggers that lead to problematic behaviors such as transition times, lunch, etc.

4.  Celebrate Good Things
Point out the times when a student is following directions and celebrate it.  This is often very helpful.

Additional Resources

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