Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Main Idea and Inference Task Cards for Each Guided Reading Level (Levels A-I)

These documents contains nine different levels of task cards to make guided reading instruction easier.  Each document  contains 90 task cards with 10 per guided reading level.  Guided reading levels A through I are covered in this document.  Students can work on the same skills, main idea or inference, but at their own reading levels.

Each task card provides systematic phonics and comprehension review.  New sight words and sounds are gradually introduced with each reading level.  Phonics sounds that are introduced at each level include:

Level A:  Short Vowel Sounds
Level B:  Consonant Blends (s blends and l blends)
Level C:  Ending Blends (-nd, -mp, -st, -lk)
Level D:  Long Vowel Sounds (wh, sh, th, ch)
Level E:  Consonant Digraphs (wh sh, th, ch)
Level F:  Vowel Digraphs (ie, oo, aw)
Level G:  R-Controlled Words (ar, ir, er, or)
Level H:  More Sounds (all sound combo.)
Level I:   S Sound (ce, ci)

Each set costs $6

Monday, April 21, 2014

Theme of a Text Task Cards, Wall Charts, and More (CCSS RL.2 and RI.2 Aligned)

These theme task cards, wall charts, flashcards, and theme literacy center are a great way to help students review this often challenging reading skill and cover Common Core Standards RL.2 and RI.2. This is one of my top selling products.  It is a great resource for transitioning to the Common Core Standards and for guided reading instruction.  Click Here

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Critical Thinking Task Cards

More than ever, critical thinking skills are important for students to develop.  These 30 task cards cover the different types of critical thinking skills that are covered on critical thinking assessments.  The task cards also come with a printable box to make storage convenient.  Pass out a box to each literacy/math group.  Or, send home a printable box with a student that would like to practice brain teasers. Click Here to Access the Task Cards

Monday, April 14, 2014

Daily Common Core Reading Practice

If you have never used the Daily Common Core Reading Practice before, give it a try.   These high-interest passages review the Common Core Reading Standards in just five minutes per day.  Historical fiction, realistic fiction, poetry, informational text, drama/plays, fantasy, and science fiction passages are all included to give your students quick, daily practice at your grade level. Common Core Standards are written right next to each short passage for easy progress monitoring. Best of all, the passages are thematic so each week, students build important reading, science, and social studies knowledge as they review each standard. 


Index of Topics Covered at One Grade Level
Week One:  Informational Text
Standards Covered Include:
· RI.1 Details
· RI.2 Main Idea
· RI.3 Cause & Effect
· RI.5 Text Structure
· RI.8 Logical Connections

Week Two:  Informational Text
Standards Covered Include:
· RI.1 Details
· RI.2 Main Idea
· RI.3 Cause and Effect
· RI.4 Vocabulary
· RI.8 Logical Connection
· RI.9 Compare and Contrast 

Week Three:  Literature (Stories & Plays)
Standards Covered Include:
· RL.1 Ask and Answer Questions
· RL.2 Retell (Part 1 of the Standard)
· RL.2 Theme (Part 2 of the Standard)
· RL.3 Character Analysis
· RL.4 Vocabulary
· RL.5 Stories, Drama, & Poems

Week Four:  Literature (Stories & Poetry)
Standards Covered Include:
· RL.1 Ask and Answer Questions
· RL.2 Retell (Part 1 of the Standard)
· RL.2 Theme (Part 2 of the Standard)
· RL.3 Character Analysis
· RL.4 Vocabulary and Meaning
· RL.5 Stories, Dramas, & Poems

Week Five:  Informational Text
Standards Covered Include:
· RI.1 Details
· RI.2 Main Idea
· RI.5 Text Features
· RI.7 Illustrations & Maps

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Free School Lunch Clip Art

I have just launched a brand new clip art store. Click the link to access free clip art for your worksheets, task cards, and classroom decorations.  Click Here

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Center Saturday

 Hi! This is Mary from
 I am here with a FUN post all about centers.
I like to call it Center Saturday.

Here is a picture of ALL my amazing work centers my little loves {students} 
completed this week during our center time.

 I have a full explanation of these centers. 
Click on the  picture or {here} to read all about them.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Center Saturday

is here 
Sharing Kindergarten style...
Click on a picture below to see the full post to discover more 
about these fun and meaningful centers.
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