Saturday, February 28, 2015

Goodbye February! Goodbye Freebie February!

It's about time, teachers, to say good-bye to February and hello to March.

In March, our thoughts turn to all things green -- not just for St. Patrick's Day, but for the heralding of spring.  Ah spring.  Please hurry.

To encourage spring, I'm offering Poetry Possibilities for Spring as the final gift of Freebie February.  

This is a collection of 20 poems about spring weather, holidays, and activities.  Each print-ready poem is accompanied by a teaching point that enriches your students' understanding of poetry.  Also included are activities, skill lessons, writing projects, a literacy center, and craftivities custom designed for that poem. There are even instructions for a class play of The Very Hungry Caterpillar

If you love teaching with poetry (and I hope you do), this product will take you all the way to Memorial Day.  But remember, this product is free for just 1 day.

You may like these products just for March. Some are FREE!

Friday, February 27, 2015

FREEBIE FEBRUARY and Egg Equations

It's day 27 of Freebie February! Here in the Midwest, the temperatures are miserably cold.  So, I'm warming myself by thinking about spring. (That and wearing lots of layers!)  

In the spirit of spring thoughts, today's freebie is Egg Equations. It's a cute little math center that fits well with spring themes, Easter (although it is holiday neutral), and farm themes.

Here's a preview of this center...  

My students get really eggs-cited about this yolk center.  Give it a crack!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lost Tooth Tales and Freebie February

You probably use math journals. Do you need some subject matter for those prompts? During Dental Health Month, you have ample material. After all, losing and gaining teeth is a natural subtraction and addition situation.  

Make the journal prompts extra interesting by programming the problems with your students' names. For example:  

For a fun math center, put the tooth problems on tooth shapes. Copy them on cardstock and laminate. Store them at the center inside the pillowcase on an infant sized pillow.  

And now, it's about time for today's February Freebie:

MAD about MARCH, a Thematic Unit for Primary Grades includes activities in language arts, math, and music.

The activities in this unit are field tested and most appropriate for K – 2 classrooms. They include opportunities for differentiation of instruction and enrichment.

Remember, it's only free for 1 day.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Create Retell Sticks

I love this literacy center because it is so easy to make.  Create a retell literacy center station using objects that you most likely have at home.Click Here For Directions

Literacy and Math Ideas

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Differentiated Common Core Task Cards

If your experience is anything like mine, then you have students that read at different levels in your classroom.  Meeting the needs of students that are just learning their sight words, and meeting the needs of established readers while covering the Common Core Standards can be challenging.  I developed these task cards to help.

It includes two sets of cards plus printable, easy-fold boxes to make storage easier. Level 1 contains sight words and illustrations.  Level 2 contains longer sentences that contain long vowels and short vowel sounds.  Students review locating details from the task cards at their own ability levels.Click Here To Access It

Math Key Words Freebie

Knowing specific math key words can make understanding word problems or translating words into equations so much easier.  I am back with a freebie.  I recently released a chart that students can keep in their folders as a handy guide.

Literacy and Math Ideas

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Super Sweet Sorting!

Happy Wednesday!'s freezing here in Maryland!

Yesterday we had a snow day and this morning we are on a two-hour delay. 
I haven't seen my students since Friday!

I'm stopping by to share this super quick and easy math sort:

You can read more details here about how I created this easy center using my Ellison Superstar Machine. I'm already thinking of how I can mix and match all of my cardstock and scrapbook paper odds and ends to create more flavors!

This week, I also shared a freebie to get ready for a celebration with that famous cat :)  Please hop over to read more!

Stay warm! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Freebie February -- Have You Heard the Buzz?

Now that Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day have been crossed off the calendar, it's about time to think about March and spring. Even if it never got out of the teens in temperature today here in the Midwest. Or, maybe BECAUSE it never got out of the teens today. Regardless, here's the buzz about Freebie February for today.

Grab your copy of How Many Ways? -- March Edition and prepare to watch your students think more deeply, more fluently, and more flexibly. If How Many Ways? are new to you, you are in for a treat.  

Treat #1: This activity is an interactive bulletin board that stays up ALL month. All you have to change are the target numbers and math operations you would like your students to use.

Treat #2: This activity provides instant differentiation.  Yay!  Your highest functioning students can use the operations appropriate for them, while those who need more practice with a particular operation, can focus on that. You can  increase the challenge by requiring that the numbers used touch each other, as in Boggle(TM). Algebraic expressions are applicable.  It even works for pre-K and K students since 1 option is to simply count to the target number. One set of shamrocks includes counting dots just for this purpose.

Treat #3: Students can work on this activity in many ways. It's absolutely perfect for fast finishers because it's open-ended and on-going. Use it for an anchor activity as students arrive each day. They can be engaged while still at their seats so you can get attendance, lunch count, and other necessary chores completed. As a sponge activity, it is simply superb. Spend those odd few minutes checking the equations your students have created. You can stuff lots of great learning into your discussions of the equations; not just checking their accuracy, but the uniqueness, creativity, and complexity. Magnificent as a math center, students can readily work independently at this center, freeing you to work with small groups.  Or, a small group could work under your tutelage for intervention and/or review at this center.

Treat #4: It's CCSS aligned for you with standards applicable to every elementary grade level. Even the description of the standard is included.

Treat #5: Inherent in this activity are higher order thinking skills. Your students must think critically and creatively. The best treat of all is that your students will be challenged in multiple ways.  

Treat #6: Children love it.

If you love this activity, you can use it throughout the year.  These are the versions available:

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