Monday, October 31, 2011

Literacy frog hopper freebies!

I hope you liked my maths froggy hopper activities.  As promised, here is the literacy froggy hopper activities.

I have made a consonant froggy hopper mat and a vowel one. 
The froggy hopper is placed on the frog in the centre and wherever it lands is the letter used.

I thought the mats would be useful for lots of activities, depending on the level of the pupil. 

*I'm also including the blank froggy mat because I'm sure there are lots of other ways they can be used - if you use them differently, I'd love to hear about it!

Please give me a comment and share my blog with others if you are having a wee peek! I'd love to be sharing ideas with more people.  Thank you!

Froggy Hopper Vowel Mat
Froggy Hopper Consonant Mat
Froggy Hopper Real or Silly Words recording sheet
Froggy Hopper Blank Mat

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