Friday, October 21, 2011

Why Centers and Centers Organization

Centers in Fourth Grade?  Seriously!  Ahh... Yeah!  Center time helps you to get valuable small group time!  Centers is appropriate at any grade level!

No sure what centers to do with your older kids for centers?  I found this list at From   (They have lots of others litsted.  Stop by to see!)

All my centers are focused on literacy. Here are some centers I will be doing this year:
1. computer - students will go to and find an article and write a news report with a partner.

2. listening center - I don't use the basal series for reading, but all the stories are on a CD. Students go to the center, listen to the story, and then rate it.

3. magazine center - I bought a great scholastic book which has a "Magazine Miscellaneous" activity sheet. Students pick from a list of activities and read an article in the magazine and complete an activity.

4. word study - guess the covered word and making words (students use the letters to make different words and then sort them into categories) 

5. reading - students will read independently and work on their letters. They write a letter to me once a week about their independent reading book. Eventually, other activities will be introduced.

6. Poetry - I have tons of poetry anthology books. The book I mentioned also has poetry activities.

7. writing - various themed writing activites. A lot I have gotten from the mailbox or from the internet.

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