Thursday, November 17, 2011

Letter Naming RAKE!

While working on a Fall Leaves DIBELS set... I got ridiculously tired of looking at leaves!  My frustration is your gain!  (Leaves don't really fall off trees here in AZ.)

Letter Naming RAKE, played like BAM!  So simple, put all the letters into a bag or basket.  Students pick out one and say the name or sound or both.  If they get it correct they keep it.  If they don't, they put it back.  Also, if they draw a RAKE, they have to put it back too!  Endless fun!  (It's truly amazing how long this game can last!)

It has also been brought to my attention that Google Doc is the preferred method of freebies.  I have to say I agree because I my Google Docs is full of GREAT things I have collected along the way!  So... click on the picture to get your FREE copy of Letter Naming RAKE!   Click here to see those other DIBELS activities!


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