Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two write the room freebies!

I love Read and Write the Room activities! 
They are so easy to organise, the kids love them and it makes the walls an actually useful teaching resource.

I differentiate read the room tasks:
sounds/ letters/ words meaning the same/ opposites/ topic words/ new vocabulary... I could go on and on (but I won't, because you are all great teachers and you will know all this already!)

My regular tasks (a favourite of my wee ones) involve my sight words and tricky word walls.
First let me explain my walls... sight (common words) are all typed on different coloured hot air balloons and hang from the ceiling.  each word is mounted onto a cloud background (with about a cluster of 8 balloons each) and the cloud is numbered. This makes it easy for me/ another child to refer a kid to the correct spelling but still allowing them the satisfaction of finding it themself... e.g. a child wants help with the word 'with'. I will say "you are looking for green number 8" and they will usually say "found it! is that the one that starts with w?"

I have went through all my common words and made up activity sheets that will cover every word on my word wall frequently.  Click here to download the sight word balloon activity sheets.

I get my balloons, trains and other word wall artwork free from . It is a utterly fantastic resource!

My tricky words are on a choo choo train all along my window skirting board.  Each carriage is individually numbered this time and, again I use different colours.  This time if a child needs a word with a tricky (unconventional) spelling, I will say "the word is a red one."  I will then give them time to look at all the red words (they are scattered along the row).  If they still can't find it, I give them the number.  This is also a great cross curricular maths number line (my train goes up to about 50)

Again, I have created an activity booklet for this word wall. Click here to download the tricky word train activity sheets.

Visit my blog to see pictures of the walls and other for other free resources.

I'd love to hear what you all think, so please leave me a comment! Thanks.

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