Saturday, November 12, 2011

When you think of Alphabet Centers, do you think of "younger students only"? If so, have I got a center for you!  I have an alphabet center in my third grade classroom called Alphabet Topics!  My students love it!

In a notebook, I have created divider pages A-Z.  Behind each letter, I have placed pages for topics beginning with each letter.  From time to time, we brainstorm topics that we have covered, and label a page for that topic under the appropriate letter.  Sometimes, I just add topics that we've covered. 

When students visit that center, they can flip through the pages and choose a topic to write about.  Once that topic has been chosen by a student, it can not be chosen again.  However, if a student writes only a small amount of info, and there's space left, another student can add more information to fill that topic up, but can't repeat anything that has already been written.  

As the book fills up, there are lots of topics that students can revisit and read about. 

If I notice some inaccurate info under a topic, I will hold a brief discussion with the class so we can figure out the appropriate info for that topic.  A new blank page is created for that topic, and a student can then choose to write about it.  

Reading, writing, and reinforcing info is addressed in this my kiddos LOVE IT!

It you'd like the pages to get you started, just download here!

Center Blessings,

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