Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dots Fun

Dots Fun

I am always looking for ways to make ordinary items into manipulatives for the classroom.  A couple of years ago, I discovered that many math activities can be created using dominoes.  Since a complete set is not expensive, I started exploring all the ways I could use them in a math lesson; hence, the construction of a new resource.
The FREE Dots Fun primary resource is an 11 page booklet containing four different activities and one game that uses dominoes. The activities range from adding, to problem solving, to Topsy Turvy subtraction problems. Since the students do not write on the pages, they can be copied and laminated for use from year to year. Students solve the Dots Fun Activities by arranging dominoes. You may use a commercial set of 28 dominoes or copy the domino blackline that is included on the last page of this handout.  Each activity is on a single page, and varies in difficulty.  Since the students have the freedom to move the dominoes around, they are more engaged and more willing to attempt multiple methods to find the solution.
These activities are appropriate for the visual and/or kinesthetic learner.  They are suitable for a math center, for differentiated instruction, as well as for introducing or reviewing a math concept.  Just click the words under the domino picture.

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