Monday, January 30, 2012

Internet Scavenger Hunts

For two years, I was a computer specialist, and I was always trying to come up with new, great ways to allow students to use the computer, while integrating all the standards we have to teach anyways. One resource I created for my students and teachers were internet scavenger hunts. They became so popular, that lots of my teachers used them as their computer center on a regular basis.  The internet scavenger hunts that I created allowed my students to visit websites to find the answers to questions or activities on a given subject – specifically their science and social studies topics. The teachers liked them so much that I created them for all of the Science and Social Studies topics for grades K – 5, according to Georgia’s Standards.  They are all available on TPT for $3.00 each, and here are a couple of samples:

is24 is34

is45 is4
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