Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Basic Fact Self Correcting Puzzles

Are you working on those basic additionaddingeasy1 and subtraction facts?  My students use self-correcting puzzles to practice.  One of their favorite things to do is each get a psubstracteasy1`uzzle and race to see who can get their puzzle put together first.  It’s a great, easy way to practice facts quickly.  You can grab a copy of any of my self correcting puzzles on Teachers Pay Teachers or on Raki’s Shop.  They are $2.50 each and there are multiple versions to choose from!
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Common Core Standards Math Big Top Circus Games: Grade 1

TOP SELLER!  Common Core Math Big Top Circus Games:  Grade 1 learning centers.  If you are looking for Common Core resources for different grade levels, check out Common Core task cards at the bottom of this page.

This collection of FIVE math learning centers is priced at $4.50.  They are aligned to the Common Core Math Standards are make a great addition to any math center.   

This 35-page document includes FIVE math centers to provide a fun way to reinforce:

Word Problems
Geometric Solids
Money Word Problems
Algebraic Expressions
Addition Concepts
Subtraction Concepts
Subtraction With Regrouping

Click the link for more information.
Click Here

Also Common Core Task Cards for $2.75 (Click a link below)
Kindergarten Math Common Core Assessment Cards
Kindergarten Common Core Reading Task Cards
First Grade Common Core Reading Task Cards
First Grade Common Core Math Task Cards
Second Grade Common Core Reading Task Cards
Second Grade Common Core Math Task Cards
Third Grade Common Core Reading Task Cards
Third  Grade Common Core Math Task Cards
Fourth Grade Common Core Reading Task Cards
Fifth Grade Common Core Reading Task Cards

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ClipArt Writing

I hope you caught my addition to the Picture Writing Prompt Linky Party and got 10 FREE writing prompts.  If you would like seven FREE St. Patrick’s Day Picture Writing Prompts, sign up for the Raki’s Rad News Release
If none of these provide you with what you are looking for in writing, here’s another suggestion:
Try some character clipart for your writing prompts.  Each set of clipart is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store for just $2.00.  Here are some characters you can use:
Thumbnail    Thumbnail
thumbnail     Thumbnail
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Dilemma Trigger Prompt Cards freebie!

Feasgar Math!

Some 'Dilemma Trigger prompt Cards' ... ever gave your class LOADS of input and they still write boring, generic and short stories?  Well, hopefully giving them more focused direction using these cards may help your more able/ older children.

I got the idea years ago from an old print out that a retired teacher gave me and have adapted it to suit my needs (and with the help of some lovely free borders courtesy of blogland).

We plan to use them with mixed ability/age groups during our weekly visit to the woods.  The children will be planning, acting out and then writing a fairytale with a twist... but you could just as easily use them in a classroom based story lesson.

Next freebies will be for 'magic e' and for 'th and sh sounds'... coming soon!

Miss Toffee


Math Center for Absolute Value

I can't think of a single student I've ever taught who didn't enjoy a card game in math class!

Hey guys, it's Michelle from Making It As A Middle School Teacher here with a fun, quick card game to reinforce Absolute Value skills.

The instructions are super easy to follow so this would be a great addition to a math center rotation.

Here's what you get:

Click right on the image above to go straight to my Making It Teacher TPT Store to download yours now!

Enjoy :)

Making It {and smiling},

Monday, February 27, 2012

Word Family Puzzles

One of my students’ favorite reading centers is ackpuzzlecalled “reading puzzles”.   In this center, my students use self correcting puzzles to match their word family words with a picture that depicts that word.  Once they have matched all the words and pictures, they read all the words aloud.  It’s a great way to build confidence with word family words, and to get kids to understand what all those rhyming words mean.
As with all of my word family products, the ACK Family is available free at Teachers Pay Teachers and at Raki’s Shop.  I have self correcting puzzles available for other word families for $2.50 per puzzle at Teachers Pay Teachers.
100_6099      100_6100

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Word Families

I used Mel's (from Graphics from the Pond) cute clipart to make a short vowel word family center.  Head on over to my blog to download your copy for free!

Seussy Fun! Roll & Graph Freebie

I couldn’t resist making a last minute activity for Friday & wanted to share:)
Your students will love this fun dice graphing activity with a Seuss theme!
Visit my blog to download this fun freebie. While you're there, check out the Leap Year sale in my TpT & Teachers Notebook shops. All items are 20% off through February 29th.

Have a great week!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Phonics Center–Digraphs

Are you working on Digraphs?  Here is a new phonics phonics1sort to help your kids sort sounds by the digraphs: sh, ch, th and wh.  You can grab the Digraph Sort completely FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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March task cards!

I made these task cards for my March centers.

Rockin' Teacher Materials: New Math Mystery & a Leap Day SALE!

Rockin' Teacher Materials: New Math Mystery & a Leap Day SALE!: The newest Math Mystery is out . . . for 3rd grade . . . other grades coming soon!

Don't forget the TpT sale on Leap Day! Get this mystery for 20% off + an Extra 10% from TpT with the code!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Grammar Center

So, I wasn’t sure exactly how to implement a Grammar grammar[10]Center with my First Graders, but I knew they needed it.  I specifically wanted them to work on what a sentence should look like and what punctuation to put at the end.  So, I played around and stumbled onto this Fix the Sentence idea. My kids love them! They are simple and just remind students to put a capitol at the beginning and a period at the end, while working on some very basic reading. Nothing fancy, but it’s really helping my kids, so I thought I would share! Here’s a link to the Google Docs form of this Center. Grab a copy for FREE and hopefully your kids will love it as much as mine do!

Main Idea Mix Ups!

Did you catch my Valentine's Day and Presidents Day Main Idea Mix Up freebies?

If you liked those, I've finally finished the literacy center set that can be used at any time of the year!  There are 4 sets that feature penguins, cupcakes, monsters, and forest friends.

If this is your first time seeing this activity each set includes 2 main idea cards and 8 supporting detail cards.  Students will use the 2 graphic organizer boards to sort the details to match the main ideas.  Then students can use the themed writing paper to write either a narrative or informational piece using one of the completed graphic organizer boards.

One of the great things about this is that this center can be differentiated by requiring students to either simply create a story using the information given for early learners or older students needing remediation.  For higher learners needing a challenge you can simply request that students add research or text-to-self connections to their writing.

Click the preview below to get your copy!

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