Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dilemma Trigger Prompt Cards freebie!

Feasgar Math!

Some 'Dilemma Trigger prompt Cards' ... ever gave your class LOADS of input and they still write boring, generic and short stories?  Well, hopefully giving them more focused direction using these cards may help your more able/ older children.

I got the idea years ago from an old print out that a retired teacher gave me and have adapted it to suit my needs (and with the help of some lovely free borders courtesy of blogland).

We plan to use them with mixed ability/age groups during our weekly visit to the woods.  The children will be planning, acting out and then writing a fairytale with a twist... but you could just as easily use them in a classroom based story lesson.

Next freebies will be for 'magic e' and for 'th and sh sounds'... coming soon!

Miss Toffee


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