Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Computer Writing Center

Need a computer center that will let your kids work on writing?  I’ve used lots of writing activities in centers,

from as simple as letting students type stories in Microsoft Word to as complex as having students create Persuasive Travel Brochures in Publisher, with graphics, references and the works!storybird5
Here’s an easy and fun one, though that works for all grade levels!  It’s called Storybird, and it’s made a HUGE difference with my reluctant writers. I do a lot of writing in my classroom. We do Free Write every week during centers, to allow students time to write for pleasure. I use the Primary Narrative Writing Journal during Guided Writing to model my writing expectations, and I do Modeled Writing anytime I can fit it into a mini lesson. However, placing Storybird into a computer center is the one thing that finally got one of my stream of letters writers (you know lkjaoicmslikeis says lion) to write to write 4 true sentences (His story, about rabbits was: I see rbts. I see 8 rbs. I see 2 rbs hop. I lk rbs. – For those of you with beginning writers, you know how much that can mean!)
Storybird allows students to choose from real illustrations, and put them into a virtual storybook. Then, they can write the words to go with the picture. When they are finished, you are able to share their online stories with your class, parents, and even embed them on your blog! It’s a great resource, and the basic version is FREE!

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