Saturday, February 18, 2012

FREE Listening Center Sheet

Wow!  The one thing I love about teaching 1st grade is how fast the kids progress.  I was going through my files and doing some “spring cleaning” (a listeningcenter[3]little early, but you know….) Anyways, I came across this listening sheet that I used with my kids earlier this year when I was training them on how to use the listening center. It’s quite easy, just title, main character and a picture of their favorite part, but it was SO hard for them at the time.  Now, my kids have moved on to harder activities and can do a full story map. Anyways, I hope I’ll use it again next year in the beginning of the year so, I uploaded it into Google Docs in order to free space from my DropBox, and I thought I’d make it public just in case anyone else wanted to use it!
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