Saturday, February 18, 2012

Using Math Magician for Centers!

We use Math Magician at our school and our 3rd graders ♥love, ♥love, ♥love it! Yes, every child needs to understand the concept of multiplication, but eventually some just have to buckle down and memorize their facts. I tell my class it is like reading, you can't read if you only know the letters A, B,C, D, Y and Z because the middle letters are too hard!
We have a new Principal's Wall of Fame and if they make their Math Magician goal each month, they get their picture taken with the principal and it goes up in the office on a long, boring hallway we have! They are so excited!!! When they don't get their goal, they still get so excited that this program gives them practice, practice, practice! Each picture is a link to the site and the different features!
This is perfect when you have someone who needs that extra push with just the "6s" for example. Keep it up at your computer center and you can spiral your lowest, fragile learners for an extra five or ten minutes, no problem!
Enjoy! :)

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