Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Addition & Subtraction Fact Center

My student’s favorite center this week is one we made together.  I let my students make their own flash cards 100_7339this week with extra index cards.  Then, we put the flash cards in a little red tub and added a timer set to one minute.  My students race to see how many they can get correct in one minute.  It’s been so popular this week that more people asked to go there than to my computer center
100_7216One of the reasons this center has proved it be so popular is that my students are ultra competitive!  Each day they take a one minute addition quiz. and  if they get 100% they get to color a star and hang it on our chart.  When they get to 10 stars they get a certificate and a candy.  So, when they realized that those who can get a lot of cards at this center can also get a lot of stars on the chart – they were all over it! 
I have a copy of this  reward system available to you for FREE at TPT or Raki’s Shop.  You can also grab the tests for addition and subtraction at TPT or Teacher’s Notebook.
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