Saturday, March 31, 2012

Calendar Center

aprilcalendarbookfreebieDo you have a hard time keeping your students engaged in Calendar?  This year, my students decided they wanted to play more than listen at calendar time, so I put calendar into a center.  Now, during math centers, calendarbookfreebiethey complete the day’s page in their calendar booklet.  Then, when it’s time for calendar, they have all the answers and they are more engaged in our activity.  This is especially helpful to my low-English students who refused to raise their hand for fear of having the wrong answer.  Now, they know where we are and what we’re doing because they can follow along in their calendar books.  Instead of playing, they are now able to follow along and participate.  It also keeps them accountable for the important skills we cover during calendar time, and I can quickly and easily see who is understanding the skills we work on and who is not and may need a small group mini lesson.  Grab a free copy of April’s Calendar Book from Google Docs to use with your class, and feel free to stop by Raki’s Rad Resources for more quality teaching tips and resources.
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