Friday, March 23, 2012

A New Twist on Test Prep

Like this post if you’re sick of test prep!  Okay, I know it’s not Facebook, but I promise if it was, that post would get lots of likes.  You are not the only one sick of test prep – it’s the going disease making teachers sick these days!  Smile 
Here’s a way to do test prep without doing test kidsmakethetestprep – and it encourages critical thinking to boot.  Use this sheet with any book, story or passage.  Students do the reading and then write their own test questions.  Then you can either go over their test questions with them or have them pass their questions on to a friend for another center!
I always did a little bit of both when using this sheet.  Going over their test questions is a great way to talk about how tests are written – including answer choices and wording.  Answering each other’s questions is an exciting way to work on answering test questions.
Grab your own copy from my TPT store for just $1.50.

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