Sunday, March 4, 2012

Primary Internet Research

Yes, primary students can do internet research too!  As a computer specialist, I did internet research projects with first and second graders.  (I had a few Kindergarteners who could have done it at the end of the year, but I never made that jump.)  Here are some ways to do internet research with your primary students, and make it an independent computer center too!
1.  Give students very specific information to look for – at this age, they’ll be more likely to find small details than to make generalizations based on information read, so give them specific questions to answer:  ie.  How much does an elephant weigh?  Where does an elephant live?
2.  Give students the links to use.  They are not old enough for a Google search, or even a kid-friendly AskKids search.  Rather, bookmark links you want them to use.  (Sqworl and Ikeepbookmarks are easy ways to do this)
3.  Model the entire activity first.  Use your projector or take your class to the computer lab and walk them through what you would like them to do FIRST, then perhaps do one as a class, then put this in a center.
Here are two easy projects that are set up for primary students to do internet research:
animalbook1  animalbook2
Animal Research Book -   This is a simple book that allows students to do basic research on an animal of their (or your) choosing. 
People Research PowerPoint – This gives students the opportunity to research an important person in American History.  After finding their information, the students make a simple PowerPoint with their information.  (Yes, I have done PowerPoint with as young as Kindergarten – it is completely do-able!)

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