Monday, April 30, 2012

Dice & Problem Solving Math Center

I like my students to solve different problems each week, and to have Problem Solving Cards Addition and Subtraction Freesome “choice” in their problems.  We have been using problem solving cards in my problem solving center, where students choose a card, glue it to their sheet and then solve the problem.  You can grab a free copy of these from my TPT store.  However, I have been having issues with my students losing and drying up glue sticks.  So, here is what my students will be using in the problem Problem Solving Sheet Using Dice Freesolving center from now on.  In order to make sure students have different problems to solve, they will roll a dice to fill in the needed numbers on their problems.  (You could also have them pull a playing card out of a deck.)  Then, they will fill in the number and solve the problems.  Still the students have a little bit of “choice” in their problems, but I don’t have to deal with gluesticks!  Grab a free copy of this 2 page sheet (8 different problems) from Google Docs if you’re sick of gluesticks too!
I recently wrote a blog about ways you can use dice in your math activities, feel free to read about those at Raki’s Rad Resources.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources    Raki's Rad Resources

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