Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fraction Bowl!

Look what I found at my local grocery store!

It's a colorful bowl with 4 quarters that can be rearranged or removed, plus a sturdy snap lid. Here's another pic of my valuable find ;)

 Most customers probably thought it would make a handy travel-bowl, but I'm sure you immediately had the same idea I did...FRACTIONS!
I'm SO excited to use them for reteaching with my "Math Club" intervention group! I've been using my "Solve the Room Fractions" cards, but instead of having the cards set up around the room, I've been using them to identify fractions as a small group, i.e.: "Show me 1/4" while displaying:

and students point to the correct card to identify the fraction.
I CAN'T WAIT to add this 3D component tomorrow!
Please come follow me at my blog to see what else my students are up to!
Thanks & have a great week!

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