Thursday, April 26, 2012

Freebie for introducing sight words individually

Hello everyone!

This is a sample of my new sight word activity sheet... hope you find it useful!

It is a sample for a new individual sight word a day activity sheet that I am creating for my class.

I like to focus on just 1 word at a time for my little ones.  Many of the activity sheets I find are for a mix of sight words together.  I hope to have a full set of common/ sight/ tricky words eventually.

I'd really appreciate your help in making this activity even better... any suggestions gratefully received! I will post the other word sheets that are similar to this one when:

1.  I have created them (so far I have about 15 done)
2.  I get some feedback/ helpful suggestions from my clever and lovely blogging friends to help make the activity better and more useful for you :-)
3   I have a more snappy name for the resource than "Individual Word a Day Sight Common Word Introduction Focus Activity Sheet Thingimajig" haha

Moran Taing (Many Thanks)


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