Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Key Math Words!

Yay - my first post here! I'm so happy to be blogging here - I get SO many ideas from the other bloggers! I'm posting something I created out of dire students have been working so hard on their word problems but they are still favor using addition 99% of the time! We've been working on listening for those important key words. I created this file to provide extra reinforcement:

Click HERE to download it!
The above picture is the sorting mat. There are also key words/phrases to cut out. Students pick a word & sort by addition or subtraction. We also add arm movements (whatever works!) for my kinesthetic learners - plus it's fun! This file could be used as a quick reinforcement with a small group, or turn into a file folder activity for a math learning center. More ideas & freebies on my teaching blog - if you find this file helpful, please consider becoming a follower! Thanks!!

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