Sunday, April 8, 2012

Writing at the Computer Center

Do you need something new and different for your computer center?  When I had multiple student computers, (I had 6 in my room at my old school and now I have just one.) I liked for my students to use the computers for more than just visiting websites.  I always tried to have projects for them to work on using the computer.  Then, for 2 years, I was a technology specialistTechnology and Writing Project Matrix.  My students needed technology skills, but they also needed a lot of other skills, including writing skills.  So, my  I came up with this plan to teach technology integrated into writing lessons.  I created a matrix with 4 writing projects per grade level (K-5) to integrate writing and technology.  The projects focus mainly on using programs from the Microsoft Office Suite, but also utilize a few other widely available programs.  I have personally done every project – including making powerpoint presentations all the way down to Kindergarten!  Feel free to grab a FREE copy from my TPT store and use the projects to in your computer center.
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