Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rockin' Teacher Materials: Back Among the Living & Memorial Day Sale!

Grandma settled and finally using her call button at the nursing home . . . check!

Report cards done . . . check!

Class video completed and all the copies burned . . . check!

Say good-bye to my little cuties-tears and all . . . check!

Last day of school . . . check!

2 youngest sons & an exchange student graduated . . . priceless!

So now, Here I am . . . back among the living . . . at least for the moment, so I decided to join in with some other awesome teachers for a Memorial Day sale. I went ahead and marked everything in my store 20% off.

I know some of you are still in school . . . I have some really cute memory books that my kids just loved . . . and they totally loved collecting signatures and phone numbers on our autograph day. Check out my blog post to find your grade . . . I have grades  1 - 6 available . . . and even 2 different versions for 2nd grade. 

Now that I am out of school, I'm really going to try to better about my posts . . . Hopefully I will have some things that will help you get yourself ready for next year!

Talk to you later friends! I've missed you!


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