Sunday, June 3, 2012

A New Take on the End of the Year Project

The end of the school year is a great time for students to work on projects at centers.  One way for students to work on these projects at your computer center is by creating glogsGlogs are online posters, that can include a large variety of text and graphics.  They canEgypt - Information for Kids also be interactive, and include links to websites, videos etc.  They are simple to use and if each student signs in on their own account they are free.  (There is a way for you to monitor all of your students, but that is a paid service.)  Here is a glog I created with my kids about Egypt.
How could you use Glogs in your centers? 
Check Raki’s Rad Resources each Wednesday for more websites to use in your computer centers.
Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources  Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources

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