Thursday, July 12, 2012

Math "I Can" Cards

I found these incredibly fun jewels at Hobby Lobby...50% off!  

 My teacher's heart did a little happy dance!"

My daughter (who's going into first grade this year) spent 2 days playing with them.  She sorted them, made patterns, created art projects, measured with them, and even hid them and made a treasure map so her sister could find them!

My mom's heart did another "happy dance!"

So, of course, they are being added to my math centers this year.  

I am also working on making kindergarten friendly "I Can" cards for all my math manipulative tubs.
 Here's a picture of a few of the cards I made for the jewels.  

I am adding these cards to my blog as freebies as I make them.  So far I have:  jewels, noodles, dominoes and buttons done.  To get your free copies click the words:

If you haven't visited by blog yet I'd love for you to stop by!

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