Friday, July 27, 2012

Tech for your Discovery Center!

Technology for Tiny Hands

Jacob LOVES playing with his bug net.  He's learning so much, too!  The bug net has sensors that detect what bug is placed in the net, so it can tell you fun facts about each bug.  After you learn about the bugs, you can quiz yourself.  The audio from the net will ask questions about each bug.  To answer, you simply place the bug inside the net.  You'll be informed if you need to try again or if you're correct.  It's amazing!
Honestly, I have learned so much about bugs from playing with Jacob.  Even though I thought this would be better suited for Jacob, my daughter, Riley, enjoys playing with it just as much!

Jacob is now my little bug expert ~ he loves spotting out bugs as we're walking outside.  He feels so proud when she shares his expert knowledge with others.  I love his little smile!

{click here to see the bug net in action}


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