Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Common Core Graphic Organizers, Question Answering Frames, Wall Charts, and Progress Forms

This colorful extension menu gives students ideas about activities they could complete for each standard.

 I am back to share a resource that is designed to make preparing for and teaching the Common Core Standards so much easier.  It contains graphic organizersprogress charts, question answering frames, and wall charts aligned to every ELA Common Core Literature and Informational Text Standard.

There are also graphic organizers aligned to every standard.  They assist students in making sure they fully respond to each standard.

There are also student progress forms that list every Literature and Informational Text Standard.  These are great for tracking student progress.

Plus, there are question answering frames included too!  Question answering frames are a fantastic tool for differentiating and scaffolding instruction.  They assist students that may need a little extra help in writing a written response.  They provide a framework for writing, but can be scaffolded as a student becomes more independent in writing.

Store everything inside of a file folder bin or binder.  Use as needed!

The complete 54+ page document is on sale.  For more information, click a link below

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