Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hundreds Chart Centers

Do you have a hundreds chart center?  I think it is a great center to have students consistently practicing and playing around with it.  It really helps to build their number sense and place value understanding.  I have a few resources available in my TpT store.

These hundreds charts have numbers missing.  You can ask students to fill them out column by column to help build their place value understanding.  You can also ask students to count as they complete it to help build their understanding of each number.

I also created this hundreds chart unit.  It uses number lines, the hundreds chart, and hundreds chart puzzles. Each activity is tiered so that you can differentiate for your students.  There are 8 pages free or you can purchase the complete unit.



Click on any of the pictures to come download your freebies and check out a little more about the complete Rockin unit.  Now is a great time to purchase it!

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