Saturday, August 4, 2012

Number Snap Cube Center Freebie!

Do you love Snap Cube Centers?  Here are some free numbers to go along with my Number Formation Poems!  Click image below for your freebie!

Here are the poems I use to correctly form the numbers!

1 - Straight line down, and then we are done. That's the way to make the one!
2 - Round the track and back, two, two, two!
3 - Around a tree, around a tree, that's the way to make a three!
4 - Down and over and down some more, that's the way we make a four!
5 - The bee goes down, around the hive, go back up to make a five!
6 - Make a C then in you go, now you've made a six you know!
7 - Across the sky, then slant the line, makes a seven every time!
8 - Make an S and do not wait, go back up to make an 8!
9 - First a circle, then a line, that's the way to make a 9!
0 - Round and round just like a O.  Look, now you've made a 0!

Do you use the number poems?  Then this is a must have for you!

Each number has a poster for the poem, a corresponding worksheet, and a parent letter explaining the poems and offering ways to help at home!  

I have recently added a Counting Snap Cube Center to this product so the kids can practice making the numbers and hopefully recite the poem while they do so during centers!  

The above listed set is regular price $5!  

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