Saturday, September 1, 2012

Draw your Toy & Bring it to Life!

Draw your Toy

I've seen many pins fly around on Pinterest about submitting your child's drawing in to a company in order to have the company mail you the stuffed toy based on the child's picture.  I've tried to contact a few of these companies only to find out that they're not currently taking new orders.  

To my delight, I found Joanna from "Draw your Toy."  We have been chatting via email throughout the summer because I want to send her a couple of drawings from my children so that I can surprise them with a special Christmas gift.

If you did a class character collaboration, you could create a cast of characters through a shared drawing experience.  You could integrate this with a shared writing project where the class contributed to the illustrative part as well.  Then, you could put these class toys into the drama center for creative story retelling.  Students would love seeing their work come to life!

{click here to see more examples & how to order}


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