Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pollmo - A Free and Interactive Polling Tool

Pollmo is a free and extremely easy to use on-line polling tool.  The unique feature of Pollmo is the visibility of a poll on any website.  To see how it works, try the poll below:

In these three simple steps, an interactive poll can be created.
1.  Visit the Pollmo website and complete the form.
2.  When ready, click on "Add to my website"
3.  Copy and paste either the embed code or URL onto your website or blog.  You are now ready to collect results!

Sample Classroom Activities:

1. Introductory Unit Activity - teachers can use a Pollmo poll to gather information about what students already know about a topic.

2.  Formative Assessment tool - teachers can use a Pollmo poll to determine whether or not students are understanding new material.

3.  Students can create a Pollmo poll to research a particular topic.  E.g. a Psychology class can determine patterns of behavior from among their classmates to see if they are similar to published results.

4.  Professional Development - to better cater to the needs of the attendees, workshop presenters can use a Pollmo poll to gather necessary information to potentially adapt their presentation.

This post originally appeared on The De-tech-tive 4 Teachers.

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