Thursday, June 20, 2013

Third Grade Common Core Literacy Centers For Every Informational Text Standard

Grade 3 Common Core Literacy Center Stations for Every Informational Text Standard

This 138-page document contains a Common Core Literacy Center game or activity for EVERY, YES EVERY, Grade 3 Common Core Informational Text Standard. This document contains 12 literacy centers (one for each standard + two extra games). Answer keys are included!

This document not only covers each informational text standard, the game cards included in the games also cover social studies, science, and health topics to help your students GAIN BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE while they play the games. This is helpful because as they play the games over and over, they will actually gain tons of useful content area knowledge.

Game card topics include rock layers, plants, animals, body systems, maps skills, economics, food chains, and more!

The games included in this document are:
Common Core Standard RI.3.1 Question Flash
Common Core Standard RI.3.2 Main Idea Matters
Common Core Standard RI.3.3 Relationship Puzzle Game
Common Core Standard RI.3.4 Academic Vocabulary Match 1
Common Core Standard RI.3.4 Academic Vocabulary Match 2
Common Core Standard RI.3.5 Quick Go!
Common Core Standard RI.3.6 Distinguish Your Point of View
Common Core Standard RI.3.7 Illustrations and Maps Tic-Tac-Toe
Common Core Standard RI.3.8 Describe the Connection 1
Common Core Standard RI.3.8 Describe the Connection 2
Common Core Standard RI.3.9 Compare and Contrast

Common Core Standard RI.3.10 Range of Reading Level GameClick Here to Access It

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