Saturday, January 26, 2013

Common Core Character Analysis Task Cards

This document provides THOROUGH review of character analysis (Common Core Standard RL.3) and adheres to the different levels of thinking from recalling, to comprehending, to analyzing, and evaluating information just like the new Common Core Standards. 

Many text books, school assessments, and even the Common Core Standards assessment want students to know character traits, analyze characters, and tell how they have changed from the beginning to the end of a story. The task cards in this document provide practice with ALL of these character analysis skills! This document can be easily used at other grade levels.

Part of the new Common Core Standards assessments will contain multiple-choice questions. The other part will require students to write their answers and defend their ideas. This document provides practice in both formats in the task cards!

This document includes:
*A character traits sorting game to teach students words to describe characters (pgs. 3-8)
*A character analysis sort to give students practice with analyzing characters and their character traits (pgs. 9-15)
*38 character analysis task cards in multiple-choice and open response formats (pgs. 16-43)
*A student response form for the task cards
*An answer key
*Helpful hints on the task cards and guided practice to TEACH students how to analyze characters
$5 for the complete document
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