Monday, November 26, 2012

Gingerbread and Nutcracker Days

It’s holiday time! I love this time of year – I try to tie in as many holidays and traditions in December as I can! Here are two ways I am implementing holiday learning in our classroom this year.

I will be hosting two “special events” in our classroom this year! These are really days that we complete themed activities, we have hot cocoa and munch on snacks. Yes – totally curriculum related as both events are common core aligned! The first event is “Gingerbread Day”.

 I divide my kids into small groups (3-4) and they rotate between 10 stations throughout the day. I have the timer up on the SmartBoard, and each student has a brown folder where they keep their materials once their station is complete. If they're finished they can take it home; if they didn't finish they can finish when they have extra time throughout the day. Simple & easy clean up!

The second event will be “Nutcracker Day”. This day is formatted exactly like gingerbread day with the exception of the afternoon. In the afternoon we will be watching The Nutcracker ballet (or at least parts) and comparing it to the books and activities that we complete in the morning.

You can pick up both of these units at my TpT store. Have a fantastic Monday friends!

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