Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Years Math and Literacy Centers

Just as you finish up in your classrooms before Christmas break, it's already time to start thinking about what you'll be doing when you head back to school!  (Yes, I know...call me the Grinch for reminding you about heading back already!)  But - I'm reminding you for your own good - you don't want to be scrambling last minute to get your stuff together for students to return in January do you? 

That's why I put together a mini "New Year's Math and Literacy Centers" pack ($6.00).  Normally my math and literacy centers contain 5 each of math and literacy centers (for a total of 10 centers) enough to last you all week or more, but most teachers don't spend a TON of time with New Year's activities, so I've created just 3 of each so that you only have to spend maybe a day or two to complete - and then get right back on your curriculum track for the new year.  In addition to the centers, I've also included a "Happy New Year" student book that you can have your kiddos make to reflect on 2012 and plan for 2013. Just a little bonus to go along with the centers!  And finally, when you head over to view the centers at my Teachers Pay Teachers store, make sure to download the preview because I've include a "Dance into the New Year" door display to welcome your students back to school in 2013!

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