Monday, January 21, 2013

Groundhog Day Center Freebie

Scrabble and its social networking cousin, Words with Friends, are jumping off the computer screen and finding their niche in the classroom.  In my classroom, my students love to play SCRATTLE (SCRAbble + baTTLE).

It's always great fun to take a set of letters and challenge your class to make as many words with them as they can.  In Scrattle, I'm upping the ante by adding a math component and competition.  By doing so, I'm ensuring that my students are trying their hardest and I'm getting double duty out of this center.

Here's how it works:
  • Give your students the letter set for this edition of Scrattle.

  • Students cut out the letters.
  • Students find a partner to battle.
  • Armed with a recording sheet, the partners record the words they can devise individually.
  • Once their recording sheets are filled, the students calculate the values of their words by adding the numbers on their letter pieces.
  • Alternatively, older students calculate the value by multiplying the numbers.
  • To differentiate for G/T and enrichment students, a combination of operations is available.  (It is possible that this version will create negative numbers.)
  • After their calculations are completed, the partners compare their numbers, filling in their opponent's scores on the recording sheet. 
  • Students then add >, <, or = to the scores box.
  • The student with the most > scores is the winner.

This activity is CCSS aligned.  You can download it on Google Docs.


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