Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Groundhog Day Differentiation

It’s that time of year again – Groundhog Day! I love this time of year – winter is coming to a close (in my mind) and spring is right around the corner. I’m already planting flowers in my mind!!

This year I have such a range of student abilities in my classroom that I need a few different activities for students to complete.  I have some students who would love to research different weather folklore:  

 and others who would rather research the groundhog and prepare a report.

So, I took what I already had, and created something different.  This will allow me to differentiate in my room and the kids will be none the wiser! Ha – I love when I can do this because they really share information with each other and everyone is successful in the end!!

I’ve tried to implement a little science and social studies into this year's Groundhog Day Unit – there is a map assignment and my weather detectives will be researching weather phenomenons. 

This will be my last holiday unit before I track out in a few weeks – yayyy!! Then I can really start working on my spring materials before we head back in March.

Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

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