Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Free worksheets pack- About me!

Worksheets are an easy tool to practice language skills like writing and new words recognition as well as a good way to reinforce learning areas that still need a little work like math, phonics, writing, reading.This pack was designed to be fun and engaging including learning about personal information and likes.  

About me! worksheets pack includes 27 worksheets :
  •  My body
  • My country
  • My family
  • My favourite book
  • My friends
  • My house
  • My pencil case
  • My pet
  • My school
  • My schoolbag
  • My teacher
  • My toys
  • My telephone number
  • My toys
  • This is me
  • My favourite animal
  • My favourite cartoon
  • My favourite colour
  • My favourite film
  • My favourite fruit
  • My favourite ice-cream
  • My favourite number
  • My favourite pet
  • My favourite place
  • My favourite subject
  • My favourite toy
  • My favourite vegetable
Download the free pack here
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