Sunday, April 7, 2013

Online Math Practice for Centers!

Online Support for Pre-K - 8th 
 Plus Algebra & Geometry

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I've been using IXL for the past several months with my own two children, Jacob (4) and Riley (8).  As a parent, I love how organized the site is to use.  I do not have time to teach myself how to navigate a site prior to signing up.  That is the reason I decided to go with IXL.  I knew from using it in the past, the testimonials from others, and from several of my teaching colleagues that the site would be beneficial, but I needed to know, as a parent, that it would be easy to use.  You can click here to see how great it is!

Even Pre-Readers can Practice Independently!

Besides having each skill and standard organized, IXL offers meaningful practice for both of my children.  It's hard to find interactive practice that Jacob, my 4 year old, can use independently.  Though there are a few wonderful apps and websites that he loves to play on, I wanted a site where I could track how long he practiced and what his areas of strength and weakness were.  

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There is so much more awesomeness!


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