Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ready to go Science File Folders for Centers!

Grades 2-3: Science File Folder Games by Carson - Dellosa

If you ask my students to name one of their favorite classroom activities, they'll more than likely tell you about our workstations.  During the last hour of our day, each student partnership rotates through a series of three stations.  Our stations range from technology to word work.  Most of our stations have a digital component.  We try to integrate technology as much as possible.  However, if a station doesn't have an engaging gadget, it most likely has a fun interactive component like the Carson-Dellosa science file folder games.  

My students really enjoy the science games included in the kit.  The games are all easy to understand, student-friendly, colorful and interesting, and standards aligned.

{click here to read more & see pics of the games!}


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