Monday, April 1, 2013

Teaching Compound Words

Helllloooo firends!  This is Dana from over at Fun in 1st Grade.  This is my first time to write for Simply Centers and I am so excited to share this post with you!  I recently created a center activity for compound words.  It had 20 pictures, word cards to match, and then the compound word broken up into two cards, as you see below.
Well, guess what?  I went back and added 20 more!  For a grand total of 40 compound words!  That's a bazillion cards folks!  I just printed, laminated, and cut each one and it was no small task!
I've included a black and white version of the pictures for those wanting to save on ink.  There are also 2 printables for the students to complete, one is on making and writing compound words and the second throws in adjectives, asking for an adjective to describe the compound items.  

There are so many ways to use these cards.  You could play Memory, put a magnet on the back and use with boards, match the 2 words to make the compound word, match the word card to the picture, match the compound word to the to words that make it.  The list goes on and on.  You could even print the words on colored paper and the images on white to aid in matching for a Memory game.  Whatever you choose, I hope your students have fun and learn compound words!

Here is a list of the words included: footprint, sailboat, strawberry, snowman, rainbow, popcorn, ladybug, passport, pineapple, raindrop, newspaper, mailbox, butterfly, backpack, goldfish, cupcake, baseball, eyeball, lighthouse, hotdog, football, bathtub, horseshoe, doghouse, toothbrush, airplane, basketball, jellyfish, sunflower, birdhouse, beehive, flashlight, doorknob, cheeseburger, fireman, candlestick, policewoman, dragonfly, bookshelf

This activity will help you meet the following standards-
Common Core Standards for Compound Words Kinder: K.L.6 and K.RFS.3.c 1st: 1.L.6 and 1.RFS.3 2nd: 2.L.4.d 3rd: 3.RFS.3, 3.L.2.e, 3.L.4 and 3.L.6 and the CCSS for Adjectives: 1st: ELA-Literacy.L.1.1f   2nd : ELA-Literacy.L.2.1e   3rd : ELA-Literacy.L.3.1a

If by chance, you already have this product, PLEASE download it again and get your 20 new words!  If you would like to view it in my store, click {HERE}. Remember to leave feedback for your TpT items to receive credits to use toward future purchases!

I hope you'll come by my blog and visit me sometime!

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