Monday, April 7, 2014

Main Idea and Inference Task Cards for Each Guided Reading Level (Levels A-I)

These documents contains nine different levels of task cards to make guided reading instruction easier.  Each document  contains 90 task cards with 10 per guided reading level.  Guided reading levels A through I are covered in this document.  Students can work on the same skills, main idea or inference, but at their own reading levels.

Each task card provides systematic phonics and comprehension review.  New sight words and sounds are gradually introduced with each reading level.  Phonics sounds that are introduced at each level include:

Level A:  Short Vowel Sounds
Level B:  Consonant Blends (s blends and l blends)
Level C:  Ending Blends (-nd, -mp, -st, -lk)
Level D:  Long Vowel Sounds (wh, sh, th, ch)
Level E:  Consonant Digraphs (wh sh, th, ch)
Level F:  Vowel Digraphs (ie, oo, aw)
Level G:  R-Controlled Words (ar, ir, er, or)
Level H:  More Sounds (all sound combo.)
Level I:   S Sound (ce, ci)

Each set costs $6

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