Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mice Squeak, We Speak Literacy Center FREEBIE

Doves coo. Pigs squeal. Horses neigh. But I SAY! 
My smart kids enjoyed this book this week—we have the big book version—and here's what I have to say about it! Get it and try out some of these simple ideas...

*Read the book and let the kids make the animal sounds.
*Compare the animals by size.
*Take a closer look at the pictures. What would each animal be saying if it was speaking in a human language?
*Which animal would you be? Write your name on a sticky note and put it on that page in the book.
*Make a class bridge map display.

* Explain that sentences having naming parts and action parts. Once the students are familiar with the text, let the boys and girls take turns reading each part. Mice (boys) squeak (girls). 
*Use this freebie to make puzzle cards. Match the sentence parts as a group or with partners. Later place the pieces in a center so that students can write and illustrate their own sentences. Click the picture to get it free!

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