Thursday, January 23, 2014

Psss... wanta actually USE your computer at center time?

I have a secret... that YOU NEED TO KNOW.

How do you manage a student computer center in your classroom without actually sitting next to a student?
 How can you guide their play on set topics, get them to specific activities and videos to play? 
Who has time to preselect games and activities and memorize the link anyways?
What do you do when they click off the activity they are on? 
ARE YOU Frustrated? Are your students MORE frustrated?
You guys know how much I love technology. 
But sometimes we teachers are working too hard and our efforts are not working. 
My computer center was leaving me frustrated and my students frustrated. 
It is sad to see students choose to "play" something else because waiting on me to help them at the computer was a waste of their time.
Check out this blog post WITH A VIDEO TUTORIAL asap...
then come back here and start thanking me.

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