Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Create Take-Home Bags For Reading Or Math

During my first year of teaching, I looked for a way to reinforce lessons at home, so I began to create take-home bags.  Book buddies were common with the kindergarten teachers, but I wanted to do something a little different for my third graders.
These are some of my math task cards (click the link and scroll down to view them)

Wear and tear has gotten the best of my first bags.  I use both plastic containers from Dollar Tree and book bags now.  This bag only cost me $1.00 at my local discount store.

During off season time periods, book bags can be purchased at a really good price.  If you cannot find any within your target range, Dollar Tree sometimes has the long plastic containers like these.  Target also has plastic containers. They are usually just above $6 for the longer containers.  

Featured are the Text Feature Playing Cards and the Text Structure Playing Cards.  (Each comes with a printable box)

Each container or bag contains games or task cards that cover one specific topic.  With it organized this way, I can easily assign a specific bag or box to a group of students or assign one to go home with a student that needs extra review.

Dry Erase Close Reading Task Cards are shown in this image.

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