Sunday, February 21, 2016

Interactive Journals for Younger Students

I must say interactive journals are definitely a fun way to teach the Common Core Standards and comprehension skills.  For several years, I have taught a lesson here and there using interactive journals.  This past year, I decided to see what it would be like to adapt these lessons to Common Core and teach them across all nine (yes, I said nine) grade levels that I work with.  From the little bitty kindergarten students to the eighth grade big kids, I can say we truly did have a blast.

This image is from a main idea lesson that I did with second grade students.  I started out teaching Common Core Standards RL.2 and RI.2 (Main Idea) with main idea manipulatives.  (I got so tired of seeing math manipulatives that I started creating comprehension manipulatives a few years ago).  Click Here for Hands-On Main Idea.  Then, students used their interactive journals to take notes and summarize what they learned.

My students reeealllly got the concept.  Best of all, they had their own reference books to review when they did not remember main idea.Click Here for More Interactive Journals for Younger Kids

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