Monday, August 29, 2016

Algebra 1 - Classifying Numbers

This is truly a treasure of a product. Being able to fully classify a number is very important to grasping pre-Algebra and Algebra 1. 

Now it's one thing to know that a number is a "whole number", but in this product students will fully identify what other sets the particular number is a part of.

 Classifying Numbers Worksheets!

The number sets included in this product for students to identify include:

  • Natural Numbers
  • Whole Numbers
  • Integers
  • Rational Numbers
  • Irrational Numbers
  • Transcendental Numbers
  • Algebraic Numbers
  • Positive Numbers
  • Negative Numbers
  • Real Numbers

Students will learn as well as have fun identifying and eliminating the appropriate numbers sets from the worksheets.

Here's how to use this product:

Print out the included full-page colorful “Number Classification Guide” for each student, and allow them to study it and it as a guide to help classify the numbers in the worksheets. Note that these worksheets can be administered more than once. Therefore, as a challenge have students classify the numbers again without using the guide!

Use the included answer key to check the answers.

Download the product here!

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