Monday, July 17, 2017

Poetry Center Free Poem and Task Cards

Hi there!
I recently have created poetry units for the entire year! My class loved them last year! I also made free task cards and drawer labels that you can display all year to go with each poem.

Each poem is only $1.50 each and comes with the following activities:
• Poem
• Missing words page
• Poetry response/making connections page
• Poem puzzle for pocket chart
• Memory game with rhyming words
• Word search
• Re-Write the Poem page-this is a generic page that can be used with any of my poems, that way you don’t have to copy a new page each week!
• Glue the poem in order page-you can either have them glue these in a journal, on a plain piece of paper. I have mine glue it to the back of the word search so they don’t waste paper. 
• If the students finish all of these activities in a given week, they have the option or re-reading previous poems or buddy reading!

Here is a free example of a weekly poem:

If you like what you see you can download a year's worth of poems and activities for only $30.00!!!

I'm working on a blog post to explain more in detail how I use these weekly poems in my Poetry/partner reading center. You can check it out here :-)

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