Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Free Science and Social Studies Videos

Are you looking for a fun way to motivate students to read more nonfiction? Literacy and Math Ideas now has free videos to boost motivation!  I have gotten so much positive feedback about the reading passages in my products.  Now, I have videos to accompany my reading passages.  The newest video is a great introduction to a science unit about plants.

Do you know where your food comes from?  You just might be surprised.  Watch Literacy and Math Ideas' latest video, The Unusual History of Corn

For several years, I have gone into the wild (literally) to get inspiration for my reading passages. My travels around the world have brought me up close to giraffes and up close to wild monkeys. 

I also do historical reenactments to get a sense of what life was like long ago.  In the process of studying nature and working with scientists, you can find out some unusual and very interesting things.  My adventures will now be chronicled in short, high-interest videos.  Links to resources will also be available.

By Literacy and Math Ideas

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